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Infrastructure Agreement to Tackle Brisbane Congestion

A congestion-busting agreement landed today between the Morrison Government and the Brisbane City Council will mean nine Urban Congestion Fund projects will commence construction within 12 to 24 months. Over the next few years, Brisbane will continue to have a steady pipeline of infrastructure projects going out the door, creating jobs and busting congestion. The…

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National Return to Work Strategy 2020-2030

More than half a million Australians sustain work-related injury or disease annually at an estimated economic cost of $61.8 billion. Australia’s workers’ compensation systems alone bear direct costs of $9 billion per annum from income support, treatment and rehabilitation, and lump sum payments. However, the broader impact on workers, their families and society as a…

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Ethical Supplier Mandate Introduced

CCF QLD held an industry meeting on 8 October 2019 to mark National Safe Work Month. Brendan Smith from the Queensland Government presented information about the newly introduced Ethical Supplier Mandate and Ethical Supplier Threshold, as part of the Buy Queensland program. The Queensland Government is committed to doing business with suppliers who deliver genuine,…

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