JobKeeper Update
The ATO has released a step-by-step guide on how to enrol for JobKeeper payments on their website.  Employers should subscribe for JobKeeper payment updates on the ATO site and check the eligibility of their business and employees.  Interested employers should also continue to pay at least $1,500 to each eligible employee per JobKeeper fortnight (the first of which is 30 March to 12 April).  Employees should be notified that you are intending to claim on their behalf and provided with a JobKeeper employee nomination notice (form available from the ATO website) to complete and return by the end of April.  Enrolments begin on 20 April 2020, using the Business Portal and authenticated with myGovID.  This must be done by the end of April to claim JobKeeper payments for April.

CCF National Advocacy
CCF National has received further advice this week from the ATO regarding the thresholds levels that appear to be set in concrete including the 30% threshold level – please refer to this Notice from the ATO.

There has been an enquiry come from a member in regards to whether or not the 30% turnover threshold level is based on ‘accrual’ or ‘cash basis’.  The member pointed to the fact that many clients do not pay on time and in some cases payment may be subject to a dispute and as such ‘cash flow’ issues arise including the inability to pay workers.

It has been suggested that members seeking clarification around this should speak with their accountants and determine if they wish to at least register for JobKeeper if in fact their turnover is down by 30% due to non-payment and pose the question to the ATO i.e. accrual v cash basis for determining this year’s revenue position.

CCF National has been lobbying hard in the Federal arena against late payment and they will continue to advocate for timely payments within our industry. Please refer to the media releases below:

CCF National CEO Chris Melham has written to the Prime Minister and put forward a CCF submission calling the Federal Government to issue a policy directive to public procurement agencies (Federal, State and Local) to pay all ‘outstanding claims’ to their suppliers as a form of injecting cash into the civil construction supply chain. Their submission also contains a number of procurement payment policy recommendations as follows to assist our members including:

1. Ensuring all outstanding claims are settled and invoices submitted by suppliers are paid immediately on receipt in order to maintain cash flow in the supply chain and protect jobs.
2. By informing suppliers that they will continue to be paid as normal (even if service delivery is disrupted or temporarily suspended) until at least 30th June 2020.
3. By putting in place the most appropriate payment measures to support supplier cash flow such as: forward ordering, payment in advance/prepayment, interim payments and payment on order.
4. By reviewing tender requirements and streamlining the tender process to take into account the changing dynamic of how tenders are prepared in the current environment with a number of personnel working from home or in isolation.

Better Mental Health in the Construction Industry –  Free Workshop
St John Queensland is running a free one-day seminar for eligible building and construction industry workers, funded by Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ).

The aim at St John Queensland is to provide a balanced learning opportunity for all eligible building and construction workers throughout Queensland, whether they’re located in remote, regional or metropolitan areas.

Eligibility for attending a course will be assessed as part of the course enrolment process. You will be required to provide evidence of your employment in the building & construction industry within Queensland. Additionally, you will need to be 16+ years of age, have functional English language skills and meet citizenship / residency / visa eligibility criteria.

For more information, click here. You can book in by contacting St John Queensland via email, telephone 1300 785 646 or via their website Please mention that you are enquiring about the CSQ funded training course.