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Congratulations to CCF QLD members Bielby Holdings, BMD Constructions, JF Hull and Albem Pty Ltd on the awarding of the Haughton River Floodplain Upgrade Project to their joint venture. The major infrastructure upgrades include three bridges and 13.5km of the Bruce Highway across the Haughton River floodplain which is one of the most complex floodplains in Queensland. The infrastructure upgrade will take place fifty kilometres south of Townsville. The upgrade will improve safety and efficiency for road users in addition to significantly improving flood immunity of the Bruce Highway.

The infrastructure upgrade will address a section of the Bruce Highway which closes on average every one to two years. Consequently, regular flooding has a significant impact on local residents, the tourism industry, transport operators and other motorists. With the longest recorded time of closure was almost five days.

Once these upgrades are completed, the severity and frequency of closures will be greatly reduced from an average of fifty five hours to between fifteen and twenty two hours in a 1-in-50 year weather event.

The floodplain is impacted by a variety of factors including the Bruce Highway, North Coast rail line, cane tramways, break-out points, weirs, levees, nearby lagoons and a creek. As such, it is considered among the most complex in Queensland with extensive investigations required to inform the bridge and pavement upgrades.

The Horseshoe Lagoon, Pink Lily and Haughton River bridges will all be replaced with new, wider, higher-level bridges as part of this major infrastructure upgrade. In addition, 13.5km of the Bruce Highway on approach to, and between the 3 bridges, will also be upgraded to improve conditions for motorists.

The project is progressing under a ‘design and construct’ model which allows construction to commence up to nine months ahead of schedule, potentially as early as August 2018, with completion in mid–2021. The $514.3 million in funded through a Federal Government contribution of $411.4 million with the Queensland Government contributing $102.9 million.

This project is part of the 10-year Bruce Highway Upgrade Program, an $8.5 billion program of works to improve safety, flood resilience and capacity along the Bruce Highway from Brisbane to Cairns. The program is jointly funded by the Federal and Queensland governments, with the Federal Government contributing up to $6.7 billion and the Queensland Government contributing up to $1.8 billion.

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