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A new mobile application, which is an expansion of existing software, has been created to assist in company responses to COVID-19 for the mental and physical health of employees.

This is available through Industry Capability Network (ICN) and is free to all small businesses (of 50 employees or less), charity groups and not-for-profit organisations.  For large companies, costs are scaled depending on the workforce size and the COVID-19 Response App is offered at a significantly discounted rate.

The COVID-19 app is a daily employee symptom checker which feeds information into a risk matrix with pre-determined outcomes and messages displayed on an easy view web dashboard.

This new application provides software that can protect workers from the threat of the virus through a simple questionnaire that screens anyone that interacts with your company for symptoms of coronavirus. It automates the screening process and allows for flags and alerts to be instantly sent back to a central web portal so management can isolate potentially infected individuals and minimise the risk of infection at job sites.

COVID-19 app is a valuable tool for any company that has interaction with others as part of their workday. The application ensures employee and client can interact safely knowing each participant has undergone and passed their symptom checks for the day on site.

Along with the ability to send the COVID-19 questionnaire to internal and external parties including automated reminders, the reporting functionality and automated flags is based on responses, available at any time in the administration dashboard.  Other apps are an individual self-check that do not include any reporting.

Other key benefits:

  • Automated Form Processing
  • Simplified Questionnaire
  • Mitigation of Pandemic Challenges
  • Compliance
  • Avoids Potential Litigation
  • Transparency and Trust
  • Shows that you care.

The app can be accessed here.

For further information, please view the below resources: