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The Civil Contractors Federation National (CCF) has released its infrastructure policy platform ahead of an upcoming federal election, calling on a future government to adopt much needed infrastructure policy reform to boost Australian productivity and economic growth.

CCF Chief Executive Officer Chris Melham said the industry stands ready to deliver the infrastructure Australians deserve and expect. CCF – representing small, medium and large civil construction companies responsible for the construction and maintenance of Australia’s infrastructure, including roads, bridges, pipelines, drainage, ports and utilities – have identified five critical policy areas that require commitment by an incoming government to ensure vital infrastructure can continue to be delivered:

• Infrastructure Investment and Funding
• Efficient, Equitable & Competitive Procurement
• Skill Development and Training
• Enhance Industrial Relations
• Protecting & Enhancing the Viability of Civil Industry Businesses

Please see the Media Release- Construction Industry Releases Infrastructure Priorities Platform to read more.

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