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Construction of Rookwood Weir has taken another step forward with the Australian and Queensland governments moving closer towards finalising arrangements for the project’s development and operations.

The Australian and Queensland governments are working to a timeline where the Weir’s construction is due to commence in the 2019 dry season and be completed by late 2021.

The Federal Government have proposed an investment of $176 million with the Queensland State Government which has provided a written commitment to work in partnership and advance talks with the Federal Government to finalise a workable agreement and project structure.

The Rookwood Weir is set to deliver an estimated 2,100 jobs and expand irrigated agricultural production in the Lower Fitzroy by up to $1 billion per year.

Discussions between the Federal and Queensland Governments regarding funding arrangements for the Weir have been ongoing since June 2018. The two governments will now move ahead with settling governance and funding arrangements.