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It’s difficult to find inspiration in times of such great uncertainty, and that’s exactly what many firms have done.  The COVID-19 crisis has seen repurposing of drones and cameras to detect the disease, as well as distilleries converting to produce hand sanitiser.

CCF QLD Exclusive Annual Partner TFH Hire Services has also responded to community demands, arising from the crisis and innovated to produce portable hand sanitation stations that do not require power or mains water connection.  TFH director Daniel Thomas said, “We seized the opportunity to rise and meet the needs of our local community as well as keep employees at work, who otherwise would have been stood down.”

The hand sanitising stations are laundry basin cabinets that have been repurposed by TFH’s expert manufacturing team.  Water is operated by foot-pump for hands free washing and the cabinet contains an easily refillable 20lt freshwater tank; as well as a 20lt waste tank that can be emptied by one person.

This is a great example of the opportunities that arise from genuinely trying to help the community in times of crisis.  The TFH team have worked tirelessly to produce, test and release a quality product in the space of just over two weeks.

So far, the hand sanitising stations have been invaluable to health industry locations, construction firms and service stations around the country.  They are available Australia wide for hire and for sale.  Please click here for further information.