Original Post Date : Tuesday 31 March 2020


Greetings to you all,

In the current climate I am happy to be providing the CCF QLD membership with some updates.

Firstly, the Prime Minster earlier this week delivered his weekly post COAG Cabinet address and as part of this he confirmed that civil construction is an Essential Service. We have been working closely with the QLD Government on this and as far as they are concerned this also remains unchanged.

Except for a few industries which have been listed by the Federal Government, and that list has not changed this week, people are still permitted to travel to and attend work and education/training, as long as:

  1. Social distancing rules are applied
  2. Public gatherings (other than workplaces and households) are limited to a maximum of two (2) people [down from 10]. Please note…this does not include workplaces!

CCF QLD has prepared a COVID-19 poster that every member can print and put up throughout their workplaces to assist in creating awareness while reinforcing the required measures that employers and employees need to be taking to ensure a safe and healthy workplace is maintained.

Click here to download the poster


In regards to staying at home specifically, the Prime Minister said that people should stay at home unless:

  • Going about work that cannot be done remotely;
  • Shopping for immediate needs; or
  • Attending to medical needs.



The decision as to whether an employee can work from home rests with the employer. The Queensland Government is strongly suggesting that people who can work from home do so. Ultimately it will be the decision of individual businesses to manage their operational requirements with the advice of Queensland Health. We, however, STRONGLY URGE all employers to review their arrangements.

For many in our industry working from home will be a completely new concept. Working from home is an extension of the workplace. Please consider all WHS requirements when an employee needs to work from home. We have provided some resources below that members can use. Click on the relevant resource below to download the file.

Guide to Working from Home
Checklist for Working from Home

The Federal Government has been extremely active in providing support for businesses and their employees during the COVID-19 crisis. CCF QLD has been actively providing you updates on this throughout our weekly communications. Here is a quick reminder of what is available:

  1. JobKeeper Payments
  2. Coronavirus SME Guarantee Scheme
  3. Supporting the Flow of Credit
  4. Support for Apprentices and Trainees



It is important that we keep you up-to-date on all of the work that CCF QLD is doing in the background to ensure that the civil construction industry keeps moving. Campaigns are being activated at both a state and federal level to ensure that the right people are reminded of the important role our industry plays in ensuring the Australian economy keeps going during this crisis. Both the CCF QLD President and I have been making contact with the Queensland Premier, relevant State Ministers and local government leaders to ensure this message is being heard. The following actions have been completed:

  1. CCF QLD has continued their involvement on the TMR committee with the Hon. Mark Bailey and Director-General Neil Scales to discuss the issues facing industry during the COVID-19 crisis.
  2. The Premier has been contacted on numerous occasions in regards to ensuring that QLD maintains civil construction as an Essential Service.
  3. The Premier was again contacted in regards to ensuring civil construction workers who have roles across the State boarder are not disadvantaged by the recent border closures.
  4. CCF QLD and QMCA provided a joint submission to the Director-General Neil Scales advocating for an Industry Rescue Plan.
  5. All 77 council districts have been contacted in regards to ensuring that they maintain their service provision for the civil construction industry during the COVID-19 crisis.
  6. The Premier and Minister for Local Government have been contacted to request their assistance in ensuring that local councils maintain their service provisions for the civil construction industry during the crisis.
  7. CCF QLD is working with other industry groups and stakeholders to bolster a united position.
  8. CCF National Office, in consultation with all states and territories, is lobbying the Federal Government for national support for our industry.



There are other initiatives we are working on currently and I look forward to sharing this with you over the next few weeks. We are going to continue to keep members informed through our regular emails that will once again be sent to you as changes are being made to industry requirements and measures. In the interim, if you have any feedback in regards to your business or what you would like to see CCF QLD doing, please contact us via phone 1300 CCF QLD or email at

We look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Damian Long
Chief Executive Officer
Civil Contractors Federation Queensland Limited