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CCF QLD held an industry meeting on 8 October 2019 to mark National Safe Work Month.

Brendan Smith from the Queensland Government presented information about the newly introduced Ethical Supplier Mandate and Ethical Supplier Threshold, as part of the Buy Queensland program.

The Queensland Government is committed to doing business with suppliers who deliver genuine, quality, secure ongoing jobs with fair pay and safe working conditions for Queenslanders.

The Mandate will only impact suppliers that repeatedly breach contractual obligations, policies or laws, unless their conduct is due to an honest mistake, oversight, or accident.

Demerits will be issued to suppliers on a sliding scale for minor, moderate and major compliance issues.

A supplier may be sanctioned if it breaches the Ethical Supplier Threshold or reaches 20 demerits within a 12-month period. Sanctions affect access to future contracts, not current contracts, however, where a supplier is sanctioned and has an existing contract with government, extension options under that contract will not be exercised.

Suppliers suspected of unethical behaviour will be offered procedural fairness through the opportunity to respond to all allegations and actions, at multiple stages in the process. An appeals process will also be available to suppliers, where they feel unjustly sanctioned.

Information on a supplier’s demerits and sanctions will not be made public.

The Ethical Supplier Mandate will benefit suppliers as well as workers and the broader Queensland community by:

  • ensuring suppliers are treated fairly and not exposed to undercutting and unjust competition
  • making Queensland workplaces fairer and safer
  • ensuring that Queensland taxpayers’ money is used to build the local economy and support quality Queensland jobs.

The Mandate will ensure that businesses supplying to Government uphold their social, economic and environmental commitments as made in tenders and contracts, or required by policies or laws. The Mandate will hold non-compliant, unethical suppliers to account. For further information please visit the Department of Housing & Public Works.

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