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Through its strong government connections, CCF QLD has been working close with decision makers to ensure that in Queensland that civil construction in maintained as an Essential Service. Campaigns are being activated at both a state and federal level to ensure that the right people are reminded of the important role our industry plays in ensuring the Australian economy keeps going during this crisis. As at the 1st April, the following actions have been completed:

  1. CCF QLD will continue their involvement on the TMR committee with the Hon. Mark Bailey and Director-General Neil Scales to discuss the issues facing industry during the COVID-19 crisis.
  2. The Premier has been contacted on numerous occasions in regards to ensuring that QLD maintains civil construction as an Essential Service.
  3. The Premier was contacted in regards to ensuring civil construction workers who have roles across the State boarder are not disadvantaged by the recent border closures.
  4. CCF QLD and QMCA provided a joint submission to the Director-General Neil Scales advocating for an Industry Rescue Plan.
  5. All 77 council districts have been contacted in regards to ensuring that they maintain their service provision for the civil construction industry during the COVID-19 crisis.
  6. The Premier and Minister for Local Government have been contacted to request their assistance in ensuring that local councils maintain their service provisions for the civil construction industry during the crisis.
  7. CCF QLD is working with other industry groups and stakeholders to bolster a united position.
  8. CCF National Office, in consultation with all states and territories, is lobbying the Federal Government for national support for our industry.