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The Queensland Government announced it would grant Brisbane City Council $230,000 towards planning the new ‘Kangaroo Point Bridge’ across Brisbane River which was originally proposed in the 19th century. Council will develop a business case for the new pedestrian and cyclist bridge which would connect the Brisbane CBD to Kangaroo Point.

The Council have identified a location for the bridge and sought business case funding through the Queensland Government’s Maturing the Infrastructure Pipeline Program (MIPP). The MIPP helped local governments to get vital local infrastructure projects moving in support of their communities. The MIPP is a $30 million program delivered across two rounds. MIPP supports local governments with vital investment in early-stage planning for projects.

The Kangaroo Point Bridge has been slated as a key infrastructure project to provide a fast, safe connection into the heart of the CBD while encouraging more cycling and walking. In addition, the bridge will also help to lift the value of community space, reduce traffic, and power the economy.

Council have conducted preparatory work for the business case and would begin the process this financial year. The business case would be jointly funded between the Council and Queensland Government. The business case would review the overall expected cost of the bridge and its benefits to calculate a benefit-cost ratio. In addition, the business case would help Council and the Queensland Government make funding decisions for the project.

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