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Another important piece of the Mackay Waterfront puzzle is in place with the release of a draft master plan.

The public has played an integral part in the vision and objectives for this project with consultation starting in 2017 and continuing in 2018. During these valuable consultation periods, the Mackay community has generously put forward their thoughts, ideas and aspirations for the public realm and community opportunities, preferred building types, and general development opportunities across the Mackay Waterfront area. This valued input has shaped and informed the vision, principles and concepts in the draft Mackay Waterfront Master Plan.

The draft master plan sets out the public realm vision and concepts for the Mackay Waterfront over the next 20 years to inform more detailed design of individual projects and complement the objectives and requirements of the PDA development scheme. The purpose of the master plan is to establish the overall vision for the Mackay Waterfront through the incorporation of the community’s ideas and previous investigations completed by council for areas within the PDA. It will be a living, evolving document to inform further design and respond to opportunities and constraints that emerge.

The draft master plan document is now available to view and download on council’s Connecting Mackay website. A survey is available on Connecting Mackay for the public to provide feedback on or before Monday, November 4, 2019.