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On Monday 30th July, submissions opened for the chance to name the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing (TSRC).

Community members can submit recognition names for the 41km road, 800m-long viaduct and the new twin arch bridges which span as part of the New England Highway over the new road. The actual toll road will administratively be known as the Warrego Highway in the east and the Gore Highway in the west.

The Queensland Government have proposed names which have a unique tie to the local area and significant meaning to the local community. Name suggestions could be Indigenous, fauna or flora species, local heroes, artists, sports, historical events linked to the area.

A committee would be convened in October to review the submissions and make recommendations to the State Government. The proposals will be considered during the official submission process which closes Friday, 21st September. The name will be unveiled at the TSRC official opening next year.

The Government also advised that while it’s expected that there will be a range of submissions, however it is suggested that nominations along the lines of Rangey McRange Face, Bridgey McBridge Face and Roady McRoad Face be avoided.

Clear criteria for submissions and information on each of the pieces of infrastructure which can be named, including links to the submission page are available here.

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