The CCF QLD policies are an essential component of its business and its work for members. CCF QLD uses these policies (which are regularly updated) to approach Ministers, politicians and government entities to advocate for critical necessities – and aspirations - within civil construction in Queensland.

CCF QLD has also published several generic policies for members to adopt, which outline common procedures, policies and legislation that affect the civil construction industry. These policies set standards of behaviour, expectations and ethical conduct within the business, as well as providing accountability and compliance with law.

CCF QLD’s Policies are as follows:-

• Capital Works Financing
• Collaborative Contracts
• Security of Payments
• Industrial Relations, Human Resources and Diversity
• Property Development (private investment)
• Skills Development and Training
• Sustainable infrastructure project pipeline
• Tax reform
• Technology and innovation
• State procurement policy
• Environment and sustainability
• Efficient, transport, fair and equitable procurement process
• Work health and Safety

These policies are available as individual policies or as a package in booklet form.

CCF QLD’s adoptable Policies are as follows:-

• Family & Domestic Violence
• Whistleblower
• Indigenous
• Chain of Responsibility
• Modern Slavery
• Infectious Disease and Pandemic

These policies are available individually in MS Word format and have been designed to allow for businesses to tailor it to reflect their own requirements and company information wherein.

All the policies are available for members to view and download by logging in under the Member’s Dashboard/Policy Principles.