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The Queensland Government has announced a feasibility study to identify the most suitable design for the section of the Bicentennial Bikeway which passes through the Queens Wharf development. The 4.5 kilometre Bicentennial Bikeway runs from Toowong to the Goodwill Bridge and carries about 5000 cyclists and 1600 pedestrians each day. In addition, the section of bikeway, between the Victoria and Goodwill Bridges is one of the busiest cycle paths in Australia.

The announcement was in response to concerns that the original 70 metre long ‘mixed-use’ bikeway which crossed through an open ‘square’ was a potential conflict point as cyclists and pedestrians.

As such, the Government’s review of the Bicentennial Bikeway upgrade will consider an elevated section of bikeway to separate faster moving cyclists from pedestrians and visitors using the Queen’s Wharf facilities and waterfront.

On completion, the bikeway upgrade will provide improved connecting between north and south Brisbane. The Brisbane City Council, Queen’s Wharf and local cycling groups will be consulted over the redesign. Tthe study will begin in July with an initial feasibility report expected in late October 2018. However, a date has not been set for the potential works.

The Queen’s Wharf development is expected to be completed in 2022.

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