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The Queensland Government will begin work in October to install new metering signals at the Caloundra Road roundabout which will aim to reduce peak hour traffic.

The Minister for Transport and Main Roads, Mark Bailey MP stated that “the new metering signals would maintain traffic flow at each entry to the Caloundra Road, Nicklin Way and Pelican Waters Boulevard roundabout.”

“Roundabout metering will be installed in October at all four entries to the intersection to improve travel times, reduce excessive queuing and enhance safety.”

Mr Bailey said the metering signals would only operate when traffic builds up – at all other times normal roundabout rules would apply.

“We anticipate the metering signals to mainly operate during the afternoon peak,” Mr Bailey said.

“Queue detectors will be installed on all entries and the metering signals will be activated when the detectors show a significant traffic build up.

“This will allow more traffic to enter the roundabout from the busiest approach.”

“CCTV cameras will also be installed to monitor queues and ensure the metering signals are working efficiently.”

Work on the $1 million project is scheduled to start in October, with construction expected to take about three months, weather permitting.

Mr Bailey said once the metering signals were in use, night works to resurface the northbound lanes of Nicklin Way between the roundabout and Beerburrum Street would start.

For more information, visit and search for ‘Caloundra roundabout’.

What motorists using the roundabout should look for:

The roundabout metering signals will have yellow and red phases (there will be no green phase):

  • Yellow phase = motorists are required to stop, unless it is unsafe to do so.
  • Red phase = motorists are required to stop and wait for the signals to turn off before entering the roundabout.

Normal road rules apply for giving way when entering a roundabout.

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