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North Queensland’s 80 strong delegation headed off to Canberra on Tuesday to send a clear message on the projects and policies that could deliver almost 3,000 new local jobs if supported by the Federal Government.

Stage 2 of the water pipeline, lowering energy prices, the Port of Townsville Channel Widening, Hells Gates Dam and the Australia Singapore Joint Defence Initiative are some of the items that will be high on the agenda over the 16 meetings with nearly 30 politicians across three days this week at Parliament House.

The 2018/19 Townsville North Queensland Federal Election Priorities document is the result of extensive collaboration between Townsville City Council, Burdekin Shire Council, Charters Towers Regional Council, Hinchinbrook Shire Council and Palm Island Shire Council, and consultation with governments, regional stakeholders and the community.

Townsville Enterprise CEO, Patricia O’Callaghan said the projects and policies outlined in the document complement the Federal Government’s ‘White Paper on Developing Northern Australia’ and lay the platform for a prosperous future for the region.

“These targeted priorities have been defined based on their capacity to stimulate economic growth, encourage industry and private sector investment, influence business confidence and create jobs,” said Ms O’Callaghan.

The document will not only shape Townsville Enterprise’s advocacy agenda ahead of the next Federal Election but also forms the basis of the organisation’s three-day Canberra Delegation commencing today.

“Governments have a role in setting the right platform for jobs and investment, and over the next few days in Canberra we will be promoting how our community wants to work with government to set us up for the next 150 years.”

“We will be advocating for the projects and policies highlighted in this document with the Prime Minister and his Cabinet, the Opposition Leader, the Greens, One Nation and Independent’s as we put forward our region’s priorities ahead of the next Election.

“While the capital cities struggle with population growth, there is a large opportunity for people to relocate to Northern Australia. To do that, however, we need to get the fundamentals right and be able to provide them a job.

“Projects like Stage 2 of the Haughton Duplication Pipeline, which the final report will be handed down on in September, the Mount Isa Townsville Rail Supply Chain Corridor, including the Port of Townsville Channel Widening, agricultural development at Hells Gates Dam and progressing the Australia Singapore Joint Training Initiative are about medium to long-term jobs as well as opening up North Queensland to the world.

“Whilst the economic indicators are improving for the region, right now we still have 11,000 people out of a job. Our focus is to get these people into work. This package of priorities is the solution to that problem with the 15 projects generating almost 3,000 new full-time jobs in our region.

The 3,000 jobs created from these projects does not include the further jobs the Hells Gates Dam project could deliver to the region – a nation building project that would generate thousands of jobs in its own right.

“The Federal Government should be applauded for supporting projects and policies in the Townsville City Deal, but we need to keep driving that momentum, and a number of the projects and policies outlined in this document will require partnership with the State Government.”

“The future of our region is too important to play politics with.”

View the 2018-19 Federal Election Priorities for more information.