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The following safety incident alerts have recently been released. Please click where relevant for further details.

  • Electric shock while dispensing diesel from tank: A worker was refuelling a trailer tanker from an above ground bulk diesel tank, when he noticed small flashes of light coming from inside the filter bowl. He decided to touch the bowl and received a small electric shock. The worker stopped dispensing the diesel and could hear “popping and ticking” noises coming from the filter bowl. In an attempt to earth the refuelling operation, the worker placed a screw driver between the filter bowl and the adjacent wall, and a noticeable arc of electricity occurred. View the MinEx Safety Alert for more information.
  • Worker sustains eye injury: A worker was moving around the plant emptying dust bins. As he got out of the cab to empty the bin, he looked up and a 25mm rock bounced off the bin and hit the worker in the eye. The worker was not wearing eye protection. See the MinEx Safety Alert for more details.
  • Fatal accident – fall from height: At around 09:30 on 5 June 2018 a 20 year old member of a telecoms installation team working for a principal contractor died in a fall from height. The accident occurred at Bearsden Station, Glasgow during work to renew the public address system. The colleague was fatally injured when he fell from a step ladder during a cable pulling operation. The cable drum had been deployed using a piece of metal conduit, which was left in the centre of the drum when the drum was on its side. The colleague struck the conduit and died from his injuries. Please refer to the Safety Bulletin for more details.
  • Crush injury: Zublin (Strabag Piling Contractor) were carrying out piling activities in Zone A of the Wilton Site. Whilst the Rig Operator was slewing the Piling Rig, the Rig Handler (Banksman) was caught between the rig and the casing resulting in the IP sustaining injuries that required Air Ambulance support and transfer to A&E. Refer to the Sirius Minerals Incident Flash for more information.
  • Rock grab falls from trailer: A recent high potential incident involving the uncontrolled movement of a rock grab attachment as it was being unloaded from a semi-trailer has highlighted several risk management shortfalls.Using a 4t rated forklift with slipper tines fitted, a workshop fitter was in the process of moving the grab from the centre of the trailer to a position closer to the forklift ready for it being lifted off the trailer. At the first attempt to move it, the grab was inadvertently tipped by a forklift tine, rocked off its dunnage and subsequently rolled off the opposite side of the semi-trailer, demolishing a neighbour’s fence and landing “half in” their property. See the SEE Civil Safety Alert for more details.