The following safety incident alerts have recently been released. Please click where relevant for further information on the incidents and how to prevent similar incidents.

  • Worker killed by pressurised gas hose: In May 2018, a worker received severe head injuries while removing a hose from a 100 tonne pressure vessel. Initial inquiries indicate the worker was bleeding the vessel when he was struck on the head by the hose, rendering him unconscious. He died of his injuries in hospital. Investigations are continuing. Click here for more information.
  • Two workers burnt in chemical explosion: In May 2018, two workers were seriously injured in a fire, possibly caused by an explosion, while combining chemicals in a four bay metal garage. Both required hospital treatment for serious burns. Investigations are continuing. Click here for more information.
  • Falling timber on-site: CSJ Subcontractor Formworkers were tasked with stripping out formwork on level B02 in Shaft B of a PRVF structure. Approximately 25 meters below other CSJ Staff were reviewing the work in area B04 in Shaft B when they reported they heard a noise sounding like an item falling from above approx. ~10m away from them. On level B03 ~12 meters above where the timber has landed, a Brattice Curtain had a penetration opening similar to the cross section size of the timber measurements i.e. 95mm x 65mm indicating it the timber had fallen through. There was no exclusion zone set up in B04 Shaft B at the time of the event. There was an exclusion zone set up in level B03, where the Brattice Curtain was in place. At level B02 a penetration cover made of timber and ply was in position but failed to cover the full extent of the penetration footprint. See the Flash Report for more information.
  • Vac truck hinge pin failure: During a vacuum truck inspection the rear tank hinge pin was found to be sheared. Under slightly different circumstances, this could have resulted in catastrophic failure of tank securement. Additional weight or the dumping of fluids could have led to the entire vessel falling off the body of the truck. View the Vac Truck Hinge Safety Alert for more details.
  • Fingers jammed in boom pivot point of backhoe: On Friday, 26th January, 2018 at approximately 4.00pm a TasWater worker suffered a hand injury when his fingers were caught between a pivot point on a backhoe boom. The incident occurred whilst TasWater workers and contractors on site where excavating a a hole to expose a broken water mains pipe. This pipe was situated between a large pump and the backhoe being used to clean the hole. See the TasWater Incident Alert for more information.
  • Significant incident involving mobile plant: The motion isolator on an excavator was not engaged by the operator and a control lever was inadvertently actuated whilst the worker was in the exclusion zone resulting in the ARTC maintainer being hit in the head by the machine implements. Refer to the ARTC Incident Alert for more details.
  • Exit of a work vehicle without engaging the park brake: On 12.06.18 CB Energy worker exited a Ute without engaging the park brake and it wasn’t engaged in gear resulting in the Ute travelling across the site compound car park and into the site ablution block. See the CB Incident Alert for more information.