Chain of Responsibility Compliance – Third Party Compliance Management & Executive Compliance

April 21 @ 7:30 am - 10:30 am

Following from our Chain of Responsibility (CoR) compliance introductory workshop in 2019, this workshop will delve deeper into the two areas of compliance that businesses usually find the most difficult and/or which are typically managed worst – third party compliance management and Executive compliance.

Under the CoR laws civil contracting businesses must have in place mandatory business practices aimed at avoiding CoR safety risks. Where transport activities are performed alongside or in an integrated manner with third parties, your CoR compliance responsibility may include elements of compliance performance by those third parties. In any event, in the performance of your independent transport activities, you may be required to be alert to risks and issues arising from the activities of others in the Chain. In the civil contracting sector, third party supply and subcontracting are a feature of most projects, so getting to grips with this issue is a ‘must’ for civil contractors. We will unpack third party compliance management and discuss when and to what extent you are responsible for the conduct of third parties and the best practices to implement to discharge your responsibility.

Under the CoR laws, the Executive have an independent duty to ensure that their business complies with the laws. Despite this duty and the significant penalties attached, Executive compliance is the most often overlooked aspect of the CoR laws. Following the October 2018 amendments to the CoR laws, they are an essential corporate governance item in respect of which the Executive must be actively aware and involved. This workshop will address the most common Executive compliance shortfalls and the governance practices that should be implemented by the Executive to ensure that they meet their independent duty.


Presented by:
Nathan Cecil from Holding Redlich

Queensland Civil Industry Training Centre (CCF QLD Brisbane Office), 11 Hi-Tech Court, Eight Mile Plains QLD 4113