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WHSQ have joined with the construction industry to launch some new resources to help you reduce sprains and strains in your construction workplace. The factsheet Preventing sprains and strains in construction highlights key issues and gives managers in the industry tips on reducing sprain and strain injuries. The Manual tasks risk register guide provides specific examples of controls for common tasks in the industry. Download these tools from our website and start a conversation with your workers about how to tackle Hazardous manual tasks and reduce sprain and strain injuries.

This information has been developed by a team of WHSQ specialists and representatives from key industry bodies. We have joined forces in recognition of the significance of sprains and strains in the construction industry and the need for practical guidance and support.

The impact of sprains and strains, otherwise known as musculoskeletal disorders (MSD), in construction is far reaching. ¬†Workers’ compensation data shows that MSDs continue to be the main serious non-fatal injuries in the construction industry, accounting for almost 50% of workers compensation claims and an average of 40 work days lost per claim. In 2016/17 this cost Queensland $60 million of statutory workers compensation payments alone, which gets passed on to industry through increased premium rates. On top of this, businesses dealing with an injured worker also have to deal with costs from production disturbance, lost time, lost skills, retraining staff and any investigations and compliance activities.¬† There is also the human costs for workers and the community bearing these serious and sometimes life changing injuries. Alarmingly, 15% of injured construction workers do not return to work.

For more information on managing hazardous manual tasks, please visit the WHSQ website.

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