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This advanced notification of an upcoming tender has been issued to enable consultancies to consider appropriate partnerships and approaches before the formal call for proposals is made later in July.

The Austroads Guide to Traffic Management (AGTM) is the sector’s primary reference for analysing, planning and managing road use and is cited in member agency standards and contracts.  The AGTM is the primary product of Austroads’ Transport Network Operations program (previously referred to as Network Program).

As one of the top three Austroads guides, the AGTM is a core knowledge document relied upon for its practical value to member agencies and the broader industry.  A new generation AGTM needs to adapt to the evolution in road transport network operations and planning practice to avoid the risk that the guides will lose usefulness and relevance over the coming years.  This strategic review will set the path to ensure improved relevance, adaptability, and endurance of the AGTM.

This strategic review will set the direction for the new generation AGTM to be relevant to and beyond 2030.  It will:

  • define and set the purpose and objectives of a new generation AGTM to reflect both emerging demands and continuing needs
  • develop a set of recommended changes to the AGTM
  • develop a plan for implementing the recommended changes.

As part of undertaking the strategic review, the consultant will also need to:

  • develop and implement a plan to consult with member agencies and the broader industry
  • develop and implement a plan for review of documentary inputs
  • develop a series of internal reports (working papers) that will inform the revised Guide.

The AGTM has a broad range of current and potential users within Austroads members and industry.  Austroads anticipates that the successful project team will include a diversity of expertise reflective of both the current and potential coverage of the AGTM and the diversity within the user base of the AGTM.

A budget of $250,000 (excluding GST) has been allocated for this project.  A Request for Proposals is expected to be released during July 2020.