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The tri-annual release of technical documents has been published to the Department of Transport and Main Roads website. Please see below summaries of updates on a range of documents. Please click where applicable for further details.


24 specification suites have been published, including the newly titled MRTS08 Plant-Mixed Heavily Bound (Cemented) Pavements and MRTS35 Recycled Material Blends for Pavements and the addition of MRS203 Provision of Weigh-in-Motion System. 

Three new specification suites have been introduced being MRTS207 Traffic Survey Data Management (TSDM) Foundation Equipment, MRTS208 Roadway Ancillary ITS Infrastructure Monitoring and Control and MRTS219 Internally Illuminated Pavement Markers.

Amendments include changes to Work Item Numbers across several (MRS) suites.

View the Specifications Amendment Register


10 new drawings have been introduced, nine aligning with MRTS207 TSDM installation and wiring of foundation equipment and sensors. SD1708 Traffic Signals – Sensor Extension to Traffic Signal Post specifies the fabrication, maximum weight and sail area of the device being mounted on the extension.

55 updated drawings have been published for Bridge, Marine and other Structures, Roadworks, Drainage, Culverts and Geotechnical, and Electrical and ITS categories.

SD2044 and the 3D models for 15′ and 30′ skew drawings associated with SD2055, SD2059 and SD2065 have been withdrawn.

View the Standard Drawings Amendment Register


The Queensland Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices Part 3 Works on Roads and its Supplement have had significant changes in response to industry feedback.

Parts 1, 2, 4, 5 and 9 and the Supplement to Part 4 of the MUTCD have also been updated.

Two new Parts of the Traffic and Road Use Management manual have been published: Vol 1 Part 8 Local area traffic management and Vol 2 Part 3 Tourist, service and welcome signs (incorporating technical notes TN111 and TN117).

Six TRUM Parts have been updated: Parts 6, 9 and 10 in Vol 1 Guide to Traffic Management; Part 3 in Vol 2 Guide to Road Safety; and Parts 3 and 4 in Vol 4 ITS and Electrical Technology.

Details of changes are available in the TRUM and MUTCD amendment registers.


Documents have been updated in multiple contract categories; Infrastructure, Transport Infrastructure (TIC-CO and TIC-SI) and Minor Infrastructure (MIC-CO).

View the Contracts Amendment Register

A new form C7513 – Curriculum Vitae has been added to the Consultants for Engineering Projects (CFEP) Manual. This form outlines an applicant’s (nominated personnel) specific project responsibilities for both engineering and non-engineering categories.


TN63 Clarification of Electrical Pit requirements to MRTS91 and MRTS78 has been simplified to clarify the requirements of suppliers and assist in the submission of correct documentation.

TN126 Pavement Design Supplement and TN142 High Modulus Asphalt (EME2) Pavement Design have been withdrawn with the release of the updated Pavement Design Supplement which now aligns to the 2017 version of Part 2: Pavement Structural Design of the Austroads Guide to Pavement Technology (AGPT02).

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