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On 26th June, the Townsville City Council delivered Budget 2018-19 with an emphasis on infrastructure investment. The Budget’s theme was focused on infrastructure investment to support local jobs through upgrading of basic infrastructure including the construction of roads and drainage. The Council has committed to spend $432.5 million on infrastructure including $158.9 million on building the new water pipeline.

The Budget’s infrastructure spending commitment includes $69.2 million for upgrading roads and other transport infrastructure, $15.9 million on the CBD utilities upgrade, $7.6 million on drains and stormwater management and $4.5 million for the upgrade of Tobruk Pool. In addition, the Council will invest $1 million toward the 1.5km of kerb and channel upgrades on Thuringowa Drive which will include works between Ross River Road and Charles St and take about six weeks to complete.

The Council have tailored the work packages on the new pipeline infrastructure to ensure local businesses are provided with the best opportunity to secure work. The Council will also focus on infrastructure upgrades surrounding the Stadium Precinct to encourage increased economic development. The Council have additionally committed to the completion of the CBD Utilities Upgrade in 2018-19 which has created close to 300 jobs since the project started.

Moreover, the record $432.5 million infrastructure spent includes grant funding and donated assets.

Further details are located here.