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The Commonwealth Government has committed to invest $75 million to the Townsville Port.

Delivered over six years, the Townsville Port Expansion project is estimated to create 120 full time jobs during construction, support 245 ongoing jobs throughout Queensland and provide more than $380 million in benefits over the next 40 years.

This Port of Townsville Channel Capacity Upgrade project will help secure the future for the Port. The current size of the channel restricts access to the port, forcing larger vessels to bypass Townsville, including cruise ships, limiting North Queensland’s critical role in the supply chain.

Cruise ships carrying more than 3,000 passengers will be able to access the Port of Townsville – up from 1,500.

More than doubling the size of container ships which can enter the Port will allow for goods imported and exported and maximise the capacity of existing infrastructure. This will mean reductions in the costs of imported goods on the table in Townsville, and remove up to 8,230 B-Double trucks per year of the roads between Brisbane and Townsville and reduce congestion.

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