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The Townsville2020 masterplan sets out a clear vision for the city of Townsville.

Creating world-class experiences in our city will drive economic growth through new investment and greater tourism spending, while improving the unique Townsville lifestyle for locals. Townsville2020 is about enhancing the city, not trying to change it.

The City Placemaker/Masterplanner plays a pivotal role in the delivery of Townsville2020. They ensure that all future development is consistent with the vision we have for the city, whether it is private or public.

Pure Projects, a project management consultancy who have been responsible for the delivery of huge developments throughout Australia, have been awarded City Placemaker/Masterplanner by Council.

The proposed projects in Townsville2020 focus on boosting the economy, benefiting the local community and attracting tourism to the region. Click here for further information on the proposed projects and more.

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