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Original Post Date : Wednesday 18th March 2020

Training Services Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update


Civil Contractors Federation Qld remains committed to protecting the health of our staff, students and industry.  To that end, we have adopted recommended actions from Government to protect against infection and prevent the virus spreading.


Civil Train remains open and is working with students and clients to make appropriate adjustments to our activities to ensure students can still access quality training and to provide alternative options to students who may be in isolation or businesses which have decided to limit social interactions. These options include; video conferencing, phone support, online learning and the provision of theory training resources for self-paced distance learning. Additionally, we have equipped staff to work from home if we are forced to close our campuses at short notice.  This will ensure disruptions to students and clients are minimised.


To protect against infection and to prevent the virus spreading, we have implemented several initiatives to our campus-based training.  This includes tutorials and short course training.To encourage social distancing, we have structured our classrooms to provide a minimum of 1.5m between students and Civil Train staff.  We are encouraging students to adopt the same distancing in tea rooms and break out areas.

We have removed shared resources wherever practicable.  In an instance where a resource needs to be shared, it will be cleaned with alcohol wipes or other suitable means after each student utilises the resource.  Additionally, students will also be provided with gloves to minimise contact transfer. Although we are committed to minimising our waste footprint, until further notice, we are providing disposable cups and utensils to students. We are only offering sealed single sachets for coffee, sugar and biscuits (please note, at this stage we do not have stock of sealed tea bags, so have removed these as a beverage option).

We have erected signage throughout the building actively encouraging the correct washing of hands and good hygiene. We have hand sanitiser and alcohol wipes available to students and clients attending campuses. We are conducting a thorough clean of surfaces after each class; this is in addition to our regular scheduled cleaning.


On-site training is continuing as normal, however we are asking each site to confirm the health of staff prior to our attendance.  We are also encouraging open air training rather than training in dongers to protect against infection and prevent the virus spreading.  We acknowledge each site will have different measures in place and encourage you to contact us to discuss how we can work with you to continue to deliver training during this challenging time.

If you wish to discuss our response to COVID-19, please contact Adrian Kent, General Manager – Training Services on 0429 232 710.