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“Action versus words. The older I get the more this rings true,’ believes Scott Lidster, Machine Application & Operator Training Specialist at Australian Earth.

Recently Scott attended a customer technology day hosted Cooper Civil Pty Ltd on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia.

When Scott approached Cooper Civil’s founder/director, Rhys Cooper a few weeks ago about the possibility of taking a look at his Caterpillar Inc stable, Rhys was ‘keen as’ to oblige.

“Little did I know that this wasn’t the first time Rhys had been approached to do such a thing, ‘ says Scott. ‘Next minute, Rhys and his posse (there are too many to name but thank you) fleshed out and delivered on an outstanding, super informative, mellow training event.”

Rhys understands the drain on talent AND for people to have an opportunity to get hands on with some of the coolest tech in our industry…[so] he invested his time, (action) his equipment (another action) and lent on his connections…to support a cracking day.”

One of these connections included the man that Scott refers to as ‘Trimble weapon’, Sales Application Engineer, Grant Morgan, who wowed the group with a quick demo on the technology day.

“It’s pretty cool to see so many guys with a genuine interest and passion for what I do every day for “work” I really do believe this technology is changing the industry and the way we work for the better,” says Grant.

Rhys Cooper and the guys from Cooper Civil did a fantastic job putting on a free event to train new operators on Trimble technology and network with others in the industry.”

Watch this quick video to see how Trimble’s Grant Morgan, designs an on-the-fly, in field road formation in just 70 seconds.

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