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CCF QLD membership gives businesses in the civil construction industry the opportunity to stand with like-minded organisations and be part of a high-quality and professional community.

CCF QLD provides members with the highest quality service across all areas of the civil construction industry. This ranges from, but is not limited to, providing members with the forum to supply feedback and influence over CCF QLD’s advocacy and policy agenda’s, a constant supply of up-to-date industry related news, information and complimentary services and exclusive discounts for members.

CCF QLD also offers members professional advice on a range of topics such as work health and safety, industrial relations, environment and much more. Our team are dedicated to supporting you.

Members are also able to promote their business through our exclusive CCF QLD member portal, which can be accessed via the CCF QLD website, as well as in our Contractors’ and Suppliers’ Guide, which is available online.

Ultimately, CCF QLD membership provides you with the opportunity to be heard as part of the industry’s united voice on civil contracting matters.

Take a look at 10 Really Good Reasons to invest in a CCF QLD Membership.

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